The “Successful” Mom

Moms: The onslaught of blogs and social media outlets say "good" moms breast feed, make their own organic foods and never buy microwavable anything...especially dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. They are crafty, don't work outside the home and spend their days sewing quilts and embroidering keepsakes, baking pies and cooking gourmet dinners while never getting frustrated with their kids.


Mom and toddler waking while holding hands


They establish traditions in their home that their perfect children will pass on to their own perfect children one day. The house is never messy and the hair is always fixed. The kid's birthday parties are perfectly themed down to the coordinating napkins, streamers and goodie bags. The Christmas card photo is not only flawless but is actually mailed to family and friends by Thanksgiving - a feat in itself. They spend an hour in quiet and prayerful solitude every morning with Jesus, then do their lunges, squats and sit-ups...all before the kids wake up at the crack of dawn. And they homeschool, of course. 

And if they're tired, they're weak. If they're anxious, they're unspiritual. If they fail, they're unworthy.

Please, do yourself and your kids a favor - guard your heart against the expectation of these things. These are all good things, but refuse to be defined by them. Don't measure your mothering by their standard, and deny the temptation to compare yourself to those who do them all better than you. Be faithful to Jesus, the source and security of your identity, and be far removed from any perceived pressure to measure your mothering by any other standard than what Jesus has already set - faithfulness to Him. The best thing you can do for your kids is love Jesus well and trust your value, identity, purpose and capacity to be a mom into His hands. The crafts will eventually be trashed, the food long forgotten and your perfect abs vastly unappreciated by your kids - but the legacy of loving and being loved by Jesus and leading them from that posture will last.

Your "success" as a mom is not measured by your capacity to keep everything in order; it's determined by your ability to trust that even in the chaos Jesus is beautiful - and even in the mess, so are you.

This Mother’s Day, don’t compare yourself by trying to be the “perfect mom” but be a successful mom and soak in the little moments.